Used Ping Golf Clubs

Used Ping Golf Clubs – Should you buy them?

Have you been considering purchasing yourself a set of Used Ping Golf Clubs? There may be a number of items that most wouldn’t hesitate about buying used but is there really any difference to new and “used” golf clubs? This is an interesting perspective so let’s take a look.

First and foremost, buying Used Ping Golf Clubs is just like buying anything else that someone else has previously used. You want to use the same guidelines when deciding to purchase a set of used clubs that you would use to buy a car for example. Of course, you don’t have an engine and tires to be concerned about but there is a checklist of items that should be considered.


Used Ping Golf Clubs – What you need to know

It is best if you can actually hold the clubs and review them yourself rather than see pictures that someone has posted online. You want to visually review the entire shaft and club for any damage. The ability to hold a club and see it for yourself can give one a good idea of how well the club was cared for.

If you didn’t know, all Ping clubs come with a serial number. Ask for the serial number from the seller and then contact the Ping for the information they have on record for that particular serial number. The information obtained can include the “made” date, the “dot” color and any factory customizations that were done when the club was made.

Knowing what the original “dot” color is compared to what the club is currently showing will give you an overall idea to the originality of the club. If the “dots” are different then chances are that there is something not right with the club and you may not want to purchase that particular one. To verify the “dot”, the paint will be level with the rest of the club material for it to be original. If the paint of the “dot” is raised, then it has been changed.

Another no-no to look out for when buying Used Ping Golf Clubs is if the club has been re-shafted. As we know, the factor shaft is the best as it has been verified by the company to be the best when it leaves the factory. Once the shaft has been changed, there could be a drastic change in the performance of the club; this is a chance you will take. Remember the comparison with a car? Sometimes only the factory part is the best you can get and the aftermarket parts just can’t compare.

Knowing the history of the golf clubs is very helpful in making a decision. If you are considering buying directly from the owner, ask them questions as to the courses he’s played, how often he plays and if he is a “rough” golfer or not. If his golf bag is included in the deal and it’s the bag he has been using as long as he has had the Ping set, the condition of the bag will give you some clues as well as how the clubs have been treated and cared for.

The main attraction for buying Used Ping Golf Clubs is probably the price. You may love to golf and want a set of Ping clubs but can’t afford a set right now, a used set is the next best thing. What if you are not sure if golf is the game for you but you want a quality set of clubs? Then a set of newly used Ping clubs is for you. Review the clubs for abuse, inquire on the history and if possible give them a swing or too. If everything looks and feels great, then go ahead and invest in a set of Used Ping Golf Clubs.

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