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Pings Fit for Stroke Effectiveness

Everyone wants to be better at everything they do. By nature, we are a competitive species so obtaining the best score in a game is a must. This is no different when playing a round of golf. The Ping Fit for Stroke is one way to improve your golf game and achieve that winning score.

Ping has been providing quality clubs and putters for more than five decades. With each crafted unit, a golfer can know that each swing with a Ping iron contains knowledge, dedication and perfectionism at its best. Of course, being fitted with the best options available will also help to improve one’s game.


Sure anyone can pick up a golf club and give it a good swing. Practice is key to keep you in the lead but without the proper gear, your overall score can still be affected. From the beginning, Ping knew this fact was crucial to playing a great game of golf. This is why Pings Fit for Stroke was created.

The Importance of Pings Fit for Stroke

You may have the perfect form each and every time, but if your stroke hits the ball in a direction it wasn’t supposed to go then you may need to consider changing your putter. The term “Fit for Stroke” is a registered trademark for Ping and the term says it all. If you have the right fit, then your stroke will provide the results you were aiming for.

Obtaining consistency with every stroke is crucial in the game of golf. Using a properly balanced and designed iron that matches your unique form and  physical stature, will ensure that you can be competitive against yourself and others with each swing.

Ping has incorporated into each  model either a face-balanced (straight), mid-hang (slight arc) or a toe down (strong arc) design. To help you in choosing the best one, Ping’s design includes a color-coded label that includes a descriptive image on each shaft to help you while on the green.

  •    Blue    represents the straight option
  •   Green  represents the slight arc option
  •   Red   represents the strong arc option

Ping understands the game of golf and knows that every golfer wants to improve during each game. This is why the “Fit for Stroke” was created. To ensure that you get the most from each and every swing no matter what.

Benefits of Pings Fit for Stroke

It goes without saying that knowledge is power. Knowing that by choosing a blue color coded putter over a red color coded putter, for example, may drastically change your score in one swing. In fact if you look closer at your options, you will also find that Ping has included in each design a dot marking (located on the back of the head of  each  club) that signifies a different angle between the shaft and the head of the club.

By combining the education you’ve obtained about the color coding on the shaft and then comparing that to the Ping Dot System, you can drastically improve your overall golf game. You can try choosing the best iron on your own, but Ping has done the research for you and created a system that proves beneficial to every golfer, amateur and pro alike. Why keep wondering why your can’t improve your game when you could be fitted for irons that are designed just for you?

Each design incorporates the latest in technology and offers a beautiful design. In each blue, green and red category you will find a range of putting options from the Scottsdale TR line, the Nome TR line, The Anser Milled line, the Karsten 1959 line and also the Nome line. How do you know which one will fit you best? Take the Pings Fit for Stroke challenge and you will see a difference in your next swing.

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