Ping Si3 and Si3 380cc Drivers

Although you won’t find the Ping Si3 and Si3 380cc Drivers currently on display at your local golf pro shop or on the Ping website, you can still find them available online. And yes they can still help you improve your golf game. Drivers are used for the long shots, so the better the driver and skill, the better one’s overall game. Knowledge and innovation go hand and hand with Ping golf equipment.

Ping Si3 and Si3 380cc Drivers – An Overview

As with just about any product, some will like it and some won’t. There are some golfers who love an entire line of a certain brand and then there are others who love several unique pieces from a line. This is why we like to read reviews and test out our options before making a purchase.

SI3-logoThe Ping Si3 Drivers have a smaller head size of 340cc and can be used by either left or right handed golfers. Shaft lengths are 45 inches (considered standard) for the guys and 43.75 inches for the ladies. Keep in mind that all Ping equipment can be customized to suit any golfer. If customization is necessary, a certified Ping dealer can assist you with this need.

For either the 340cc or 380cc version of the Si3, the options for the graphite shaft are Regular, Stiff and Extra Stiff. For the women, the options are Soft and Regular. In regards to the loft options, these are 7 through 12 degrees; each at one numeric increment. Generally speaking, the lighter shaft is more suitable for the young and “older” golfers.

As with any other Ping club, the color coding is found on each driver to ensure that you choose the best fitting driver for your style of golfing. Each color coordinates the lie with the individual’s stance and unique swing. Each color will be found in each loft available so there is no reason you can’t find the best suited Si3 for you.

Ping Si3 Drivers and Si3 380cc Drivers 

Although not the prettiest of drivers, this Si3 Driver still offers a broader appeal. Sometimes, one just has to maintain the basics to get the most out of something. The head is solid but is pretty accurate with each swing. The tall but deep face provides a softer impact which allows a straighter drive and more forgiveness.

The face is forged constructed and engineered to provide strength to each swing. Weighting is found internally and promotes must have straight and long shots. The benefits of the Ping Si3 Drivers have been used by young and seasoned golfers. The Si3 was even noted on the Golf Digest Recommended Hot List for 2004. Pro golfers Chris DiMarco, Miguel Angel Jimenez and Angel Cabrera have all used the Si3 in various events.

Golfers across the globe have commented that the Ping Si3 and Si3 380cc Drivers give them straighter hits and achieve greater distances than they originally anticipated. In addition, the drivers’ accuracy is always impeccable. The driver is designed to be of minimal weight so that you can concentrate on the execution of your swing instead of the weight of the driver during each swing.

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