Ping Rapture V2 Driver

If you are fortunate enough to own the Ping Rapture V2 or at least tried one out, you are one lucky golfer! When it was first released up until the next latest and greatest was released, the Ping Rapture V2 was a distinguished club in the Ping driver line up. The V2 was the top of the line during its moment in the spotlight.


Ping Rapture V2

The purpose of the V2 was to make the most of the latest in technology and provide golfing enthusiasts a driver that would provide a number of benefits when chosen for a particular shot. Ping wanted to introduce a driver that would not only optimize the golf balls speed, but to also make the most of the spin rate and also the angle of launch. These could be obtained through the process of excellent engineering and a Ping custom fitting.

Following its predecessor, the Rapture V, the V2 more than fits the V’s shoes. The V2 has a titanium body which houses dual tungsten weights. This allows for a higher launch and a lower spin. Along with its cool lime green and black enhancements on both the soleplate and the shaft, you got one of the lightest and also longest drivers available during its release. The shaft offered is Ping’s 939 available in L through the X Flexes.

The driver’s crown was kept in somewhat of the original Ping Rapture which helps to camouflage the 460cc head. With a slightly taller face and an longer club head, the driver’s sweet spot has been, luckily for us, enlarged enough to help make that perfect shot. With a somewhat solid sound off the tee, the launch, trajectory and spin make this driver one of a kind.

Ping Rapture V2

Ping produced the V2 for left handed golfers, right handed golfers and also for women golfers. Standards for these Ping V2 Rapture Driver Logooptions were engineered to Ping’s specifications in that the loft was available in 9.00 degrees, 10.50 degrees, 12.00 degrees and also 13.50 degrees. The standard length was 45.75 but could be special ordered with a longer or shorter shaft if required.

Additional specifications for the lie, offset, head weight, head size and swing weight were all the same no matter which loft your custom fitting determined. There is no offset and the lie was measured at 58.00 degrees. The head weighed in at 200 grams and the size of the driver’s head was previously noted at 460cc. The head is machined and also plasma-welded to give a proper hold.

With these specifications noted, the V2 offers an option for those who love the G10 but simply need more from their driver. The simple but futuristic design offers an appeal that any golfer wouldn’t mind having in their golf bag. Although Ping is always looking to improve on their latest designs and engineering techniques, the Ping Rapture V2 is definitely one driver that placed itself in the Ping hall of fame.


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