Ping K15 Drivers



Ping K15 Drivers 

The clean look of the Ping K15 drivers is a sign that something is different about it. Ping has put a touch of sophistication on the club head which provides a very smart touch to the entire club. New technology has been introduced which provides an overall positive response.

The K15 offers a titanium club head which provides a maximum amount of forgiveness. The club is designed for an overall improvement in your game which will include high trajectory and a low to medium spin on each hit. The elongated profile offers a deep face height which ensures great contact with the ball and a solid hit.

A very unique feature of the Ping K15 drivers is that an ultra thin crown which removes weight from the crown to the external weight pad. This shift in weight results in a low back center of gravity and high moment of inertia. With the low spin on the golf ball, your hit not only is accurate but you can achieve better distance.

The straighter the drive, the greater the distance; isn’t this what you need when shooting down the fairway? There are three lofts available which one is 9.5 degrees, the second is 10.5 degrees and the third is 12 degrees. Each loft has the same length of 45.75 inches with a lie of 58 degrees, head weight of 202grams, swing weight of D3 and with zero offset.

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Many golfers have stated that the Ping K15 drivers are indeed consistent with its results. In addition, the forgiveness of the K15 in remarkable and is great for those who are doing their best to improve their game. This driver has a great feel which is important as this is part of the experience. If your hands don’t sit right on the grips or the weight is off then you are bound to have a poor game.

Are you the golfer who misses to the right, fights a slice or cannot obtain any consistency? Then the Ping K15 drivers are for you. There are a number of drivers available to you on the market today and you can’t just pick one up and say “This is the one.” You need to test drive it to see how it works with you. This is the reason why Ping believes that you should be fitted for your clubs. A fitting will give you the opportunity to find the best club for your stance, swing and power.

If you truly need help hitting the ball, there is even an elongated crown which raises your confidence with the visual aid that has been added for a touch of class. With this added feature, you are sure to hit the sweet spot every time to give yourself the straightest and furthest that you possibly can. Now all you have to do is aim, swing and hit! Hit the golf ball that is.

Choosing the right club can be a challenge and this is why having a fitting makes perfect sense. You don’t want to be spending several hundred dollars on a club to find out that it just won’t work for you. The Pink K15 drivers are not for everyone, so try it in a simulator first and you might just be surprised that you really do like it.




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