Ping I15 Driver

There is definitely something unique and exciting about the Ping I15 driver. It’s black, its sleek looking and the club head is made of 460cc titanium. Ping has certainly taken some time to clean up the look but still gives the traditional look but when you hit the face in its sweet spot you know that that swing and hit will produce the results you are looking for.


PingĀ i15 Drivers

Design – The Ping I15 driver is very similar to its predecessors; however, it is thicker around the middle and thinner along the sides. The hosel has been repositioned behind the clubface to assist in reducing the players hook by a reengineered “onset” face. Energy transfer is optimized with a crown design that has a bulge which is higher in the middle of the deep face.

ping-gol-clubs-picture3 Hunter-Mahan-Ping-I15-DriverSound – One of the aspects about golf is the experience of playing the game itself. It’s about the looks for the course, the feel of the ground, the conversation with your caddy or your opponents. What about what you hear? Do you like the sound that occurs when the club meets the ball? Each club and each ball make a unique sound. And you learn to know which sound is good and which sound is bad. The I15 driver will give you a more faint sound when the edge of the clubhead is ht compared to the sweet spot which sounds similar to solid hit between a softball and bat.

Performance – The I15 may take a little practice as it may not perform how you want it to at first. It takes a little getting used to. However, impressions seem to change the more the Ping I15 driver is used. The i15 seems to reduce hooks and is very forgiving. You will be able to work the ball off the tee and into the fairway without hesitation. With a medium to high trajectory and a low spin, this club is certainly a contender for competitive players.

Choosing – The color of the Ping I15 driver gives an ominous feeling. Pulling the I15 out of your bag, you get rush of silence from your partners who are wondering what you are going to use in your next play. The look is certainly very intriguing; however, it’s not a club for everyone. If you are constantly struggling with your slice, you may want to move on to another club. If you like to move the ball and the clubface is where you are consistently hitting the ball, then this may be the driver for you.

Specifications – Your options for the I15 are lofts of 8.0 degrees, 9.5 degrees and 11.0 degrees. Each driver has a Ping i15 Driver Multi Logostandard Length of 45.75 inches, there is no Offset, the Lie is 58.0 degrees, and the Head Weight is 199grams. The Swing Weight for all is D3. Keep in mind that you can increase your game by customizing the I15 by changing the grips and shaft preferably through a custom fitting.

The grips can be standard (white) or color coded (5 colors) to make the most of your game. Sizing runs + 1/16inches (orange) to – 3/64 inches (blue). The diameter that is smaller will help to reduce fades and slices while larger diameters help with controlling draws and hooks. The shaft can be either the TFC 700D (standard) or the Mamiya AXIVcore Tour Red 69. Both shafts are graphite and available in Regular, Stiff and X-Stiff.

A combination of an innovated clubhead and a great feeling shaft with comfortable grips will result in the perfect club. This club may not exist until you get fitted and take one for a test drive. The Ping I15 driver has a unique look and will perform for the right golfer.



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