Ping Golf Bags

In order to maneuver your multiple drivers and putters across the green, you need something to contain them in. For your irons, choose Ping Golf Bags which are durable and great looking too.  Ping offers a nice selection to feature your set of clubs when waiting for your next play.



Options for Ping Golf Bags

There are two options you can choose from: carry and cart. There may be a number of reasons why you may choose one over the other. It is best to consider what bags are available to ensure the one you do opt for will be worthy of your Ping clubs.

For those who would prefer to carry, each of the Ping Golf Bags offered are ergonomic, lightweight, strong and well-organized. The current selection available are the:Ping Hoofer Golf Bag

  • 4 Series
  • Hoofer
  • Latitude
  • Mascot Team
  • Moonlite

The first bag noted, the 4 Series, is extremely lightweight as it weighs approximately 4 pounds. This particular bag offers a total of six pockets. You can carry a water bottle, apparel and balls and a velour-lined one for valuables. There is even an umbrella holder and a towel hook.

The main compartment has two dividers that extend from the bottom to the top of the bag. Each section has wide wells and are composed of a high-impact polyproplyene. At the top, a reinforced four-way management system, which includes a built in handle, provides easy management and a mesh cover.

The shoulder strap system can be adjusted to be carried over one shoulder or distribute the weight more evenly in a backpack style. For support while sitting on the ground, extremely durable leg stops, with extensions, provide stability while on various terrains. Colors are solid black, blank and Inferno Red, black and white and also navy.

All of the options noted above range in weight from 2.5 pounds (Moonlite) to 5 pounds. The number of pockets range from three to 10. All can be personalized and come standard with Pings quality construction.

For those who would prefer to use a cart, five Ping Golf Bags offered to easily move about the course and are designed with accessibility and  convenience in mind. The current selection offered in this line up are:

  • Ping DLX
  • Pioneer
  • Serene
  • Tour Staff
  • Traverse

Each of these options offers a slightly different feature to meet every golfer’s needed. The weight ranges from 5 pounds (Serene) to 12.5 pounds (Tour Staff). Each has a 14-way top except for the Tour Staff which has a 6-way. The Traverse, Pioneer and Tour Staff all provide 6 pockets while the Ping DLX and Serene offer 8.

All of the bags come in a multiple colors except for the Tour Staff which is available in a black on white color scheme. Each bag has an integrated trunk handle and can be personalized. And when the need arises, there is a ergonomically designed strap to carry your irons to the next spot.

Being the grandest of all the Ping Golf Bags, the Tour Staff is loaded with features including professional exterior styling. Although it has many of the features the other bags do, this bag comes with all the bells and whistles. Extra features like the range-finder are included in this bag good enough to be on tour.

Ping Golf Bags for Everyone

Typically, most bags are geared and have a look that the men will appreciate. Ping understands that women love golf too and the Serene is the perfect option for them. There is an insulated pouch/cooler to maintain hydration throughout the game and  also a scorecard pocket/tee holder. This bag is available in black plaid or black with a purple stripe which goes along each side of the bag.
Whether you are spending your lunch on the green or the entire afternoon, you need a solid and reliable bag to carry all of the necessary gear and equipment. Overall weight, style and functionality are a must in any golf bag whether it’s carry or cart style. If you have been considering which bag is best for you, check out the line of Ping Golf Bags to see how they can be an asset to your next game.

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