Ping G25 Driver

Sometimes it’s nice to have something that just about everyone can use and receive similar results when using it. Introducing the Ping G25 driver. This is a unique driver offering the largest profile, but most forgiving design for every golf enthusiast, no matter how good you are.

The most appealing feature for the G25 its forgiving head. In addition, Ping’s Trajectory Tuning and shaft that assists in generating speed work together to improve the golfer’s accuracy and distance right off the tee. Another useful feature of this useful driver is that the loft can be adjusted to maximize every launch.



The Ping G25 Driver 

Of course, to achieve increased accuracy and greater distance a proper fitting is strongly encouraged. With a fitting, the best suited grip, length and shaft will be prescribed for each golfer. A fitting doesn’t take very long and it’s well worth every golfer’s time.

For the G25, there are four (4) different options available in regards to loft. There are two (2) different shafts and two (2) different grips. However, within each option, there are specific features that can be combined to create the perfect driver for you.

In regards to the loft, the options include 8.50 degrees, 9.50 degrees, 10.50 degrees and 12.00 degrees. As a side note, each hosel maintains the same mass and outer diameter of a traditional Ping fixed hosel without performance being sacrificed. Each loft is available with the following specifications:

  • 45.75 inches in length (can be custom cut to fit shorter/taller golfers)
  • no offset
  • a lie of 58.00 degrees
  • head size of 460cc
  • head weight of 205 grams
  • swing weight at D3
  • dexterity perfect for either left or right handed players

The shaft options are either the TFC 80D or the TFC 189D. The 80D offers a flex of either Lite or Soft Regular. The torque is 6.4 degrees and 5.5 degrees respectively. The Launch angle is considered high on both. For the 189D, the Flex can be Soft Regular to Tour X-Stiff with torque ranging from 5.5 degrees to 4.1 degrees respectively. The Launch angle is high for the Soft Regular and then decreases to Low for the Tour X-Stiff.

Every golfer has a different sized hand and grip which makes choosing the most comfortable grip important. The Ping G25 driver offers either the 360 ID8 or the 360 ID8 Full Cord. The 360 ID8 grip provides a round grip while providing the same features as the ID8 grip. The Full Cord is the same grip however the upper section of the grip provides a firmer texture.  This firmness allows for better control over direction.

Ping 25 Technology

Ping wants you to enjoy playing golf, but play better at the same time. With Ping’s own technology which fits each Ping G25 Driver Logoindividual golfer with the perfect club, every golfer can certainly achieve a better game every time. Optimizing the benefits of angles, speed and weight in the right areas of the club, a golfer can improve their overall game.

By utilizing the highest standards combined with the latest materials technology can provide today, golf clubs can be designed lighter and stronger. One additional feature that is available to add to most of the steel shafts is the Cushion Insert.

This insert is positioned inside of the shaft just below of the grip. The purpose is to reduce vibrations that are felt during any shot. Although about 10 grams of weight is added to the club, the placement is at the fulcrum or balance point so the extra weight is almost undetectable.

Aerodynamics is certainly important to any golfer. Not only can speed improve but so can the distance a golf ball can go and the direction it moves in. The Ping G25 driver is an all-around club to meet the needs of new to seasoned golfers.



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