Ping G2 Driver

G2 Driver Review

We all love things that are “classic”; these are things that we tend to fall back on when we want something we know will make us feel good. In golf, we probably all have one club that we can’t be on the green without. One classic driver is the Ping G2.



Ping G2 Driver

Almost a decade ago, Ping introduced the G2 which quickly became a very popular driver.

Ping is constantly researching and developing golfing techniques and comparing them with the latest materials to create a better product. One incredibly light but strong metal, titanium, was used to help design this particular driver.

Ping G2 Driver LogoThe basic concept for this driver was to increase trajectory control and forgiveness. With the latest in technology that was available in 2005, a machined head was created that offered a face which had varied thicknesses and offered an extreme transfer of energy efficiency. Weighing in at 460cc, this driver is now considered a classic.

Used by either left or right handed golfers, the Ping G2 Driver was available in loft of 7.00 degrees, 8.50 degrees, 10.00 degrees and 11.50 degrees. These are actually the only differences in the specifications for the Ping G2. For each loft just mentioned, the length was 45.75 inches, there was no offset, the lie was 58.00 degrees and the swing weight was offered at D2-D4.

The internal weighting is designed within the large head to reduce unwanted spin and increases height in each launch. The head also incorporates a moon graphic that aids in alignment. Also, on impact with the golf ball the sound produced is not tinny or obnoxious to hear.

Ping G2 Overview

There were two (2) shafts available, the stiff NV and the green NV. The green NV shaft is stiffer and can be custom fitted to any golfer. If you opt to purchase a “used” G2, spend the extra cash to have it reconditioned by a professional Ping dealer. This will disguise the age of the driver but will remove any unwanted flaws if any occurred over the course of its lifetime.

The moon graphic incorporated into the head’s design is noted as being very beneficial in achieving an accurate aim. With the ability to hone in on the target even more, your swing will be more accurate which will of course improve your overall score. Don’t we all want to play a better game?

In fact, there was also a 400cc G2 offered for left handed, right handed and also for women golfers. This smaller option worked perfectly for a slower swing speed. The benefits from this version are just as huge as provided by the 460cc model.

The reviews for the Ping G2 all note an increased performance in their game. This Ping driver is a “hit” with many golfers who have tried the G2. Straighter and longer shots are repeated over and over.

In the golfing world, Ping’s drivers weren’t highly talked about until they released the G2. This driver quickly made its mark in the golfing industry both with all levels of skills including the pros. Even though this model has been discontinued, the Ping G2 will always be a classic.



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