Ping Dot System

The Ping Dot System has nothing to do with Morse Code or Ping Pong. This unique system does have everything to do with Ping golf clubs and putters. Understanding, well at least having some idea of the system, is extremely beneficial to improving your game.

Since the beginning of Ping in 1959, quality products have been the company’s primary goal. To ensure that every golfer receives the maximum benefits from each swing, Ping created a “code” that is specific to each particular iron. Knowing what the code means, will help you decide which iron you will use for each swing necessary to achieve your desired golf score.

The Basics of the Ping Dot System

The arrangement of each different pattern that you will find, located on the XXXX, represents the angle that the head of each club has in relation to the angle of the shaft. In addition, there are two factors that make up the importance of each specific code. These are the measurements and the colors for each specific iron.

The Measurements – When choosing an iron, the golfer’s total body height and also the total distance from the golfer’s wrists to the ground, when standing in a natural position, must be considered. These measurements will dictate the angle necessary between the club and the head so that the golfer can achieve the maximum benefits from each swing.

For example, a golfer who may be taller and/or have longer arms will then need an angle that is much closer to the ground than that needed for someone of a shorter stature and/or shorter arms. The two measurements are then compared to the Ping color chart for the best fitted irons.

The Colors – The chosen colors are: black, blue, yellow, green, white, silver and then maroon . Black is considered the base or standard of the Ping color palette. Blue is set for a 0.75 degree angle and then progresses 0.75 degrees as one moves through each of the colors noted above. Maroon stops at a 4.5 degree angle which positions the hosel in a more upright position.

If a flatter hosel is necessary, who will find options in 0.75 degree increments as well. These are found with the corresponding colors beginning with red then purple, orange, brown and finally gold. Gold is 3.75 degrees flatter than the color black option.

Why Use the Ping Dot System

Now that you have an understanding of the basics to this special system, you can now choose the best irons for your individual needs. Every golfer is different so every golfer will need their own specific irons. If the irons are not fitted to the golfer, the results will be a poor score.

The Ping Dot System was designed so that each golfer can have a set of irons that will not only be enjoyable to use, but so that each swing will be beneficial to improving their overall score. You can be fitted at your local Ping retailer or online at the official Ping website.

A fitting will begin by identifying an individual golfer’s ball flight tendencies and therefore their golfing equipment needs. This then leads to measuring the golfer’s height, distance from wrist to ground along with measuring the hands to calculate and then choosing the right color code. By combining all of these steps together, The Ping Dot System will create a set of irons specific to you.

Please keep in mind that as your body and overall game changes, you may need to review your current iron inventory. For instance, you find that your posture has improved but now your swings are not producing the same results you once were achieving. In this scenario, it would be beneficial to have another fitting to determine if you need to change to a different Ping color.

You want the best of everything and in the game of golf, Ping can help you achieve that goal. Having the best set of irons designed specifically for you is the best possible option when choosing a set of irons. Using the Ping Dot System will help you choose the best irons and have the best game of golf possible.

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