Ladies Ping Golf Clubs

Ping knows that the guys can’t have all the fun so they offer Ladies Ping Golf Clubs as well. The clubs for the ladies have the same Ping quality and are great looking. Designed for women, these are not a man’s club.

Ping knows that men and women are built differently. Ping took their technology to a new level and designed quality golfing equipment just for the woman golfer. There are three putters to choose from and there are fully accessorized golf bags available in three color combinations in to match and to match your golfing attire.


The Faith Series is the latest in the Ladies Ping Golf Clubs offered by Ping. The fairway woods offer easier launching to give you a great start. The Ping design makes you longer with an iron/hybrid blend which is highly forgiving. And what about the necessary driver?

Ladies Ping Golf Clubs – The Ping Driver

The driver in Ladies Ping Golf Clubs set is definitely not for the male golfers. This driver is uniquely engineered for slower swings which will still provide a straight hit right off the tee. The driver has a 460cc head which has Ping’s technology of a unique internal weight design which helps to square the face. This large head offers forgiveness even if the hit is a little off.

There are two lofts available of which are 12 and 14 degree lofts. The head also has a weighted sole pad which provides a high MOI. A low spin can be achieved with an optimized center of gravity. The shaft is Ping’s ULT 200 premium which is ultra-lightweight to ensure your energy moves into the ball and not wasted on your swing.

For the loft of 12 degrees, you will find the driver is 44.50 inches in length with zero offset, a Lie of 59 degrees, a head weight of 199g and a swing weight of C7. The specifications for the loft of 14 degrees are actually the same as for the 12 degrees loft. All clubs are available for left and right handed golfers.

Other Ping Clubs

The other clubs that are included in the Ladies Ping Golf Clubs sets are the SW, the UW, the PW, the 9-iron, the 8-iron, the 7-iron, the 9-wood 6H, the 7-wood 5H, the 5-wood and the 3-wood. If you are in need of a U-Wedge, this is a special order. Each one is designed for the stature and design of the woman golfer. Each club has the Ping design which offers a beautiful look and will definitely stand out on the green.

The fairway woods is available in 3, 5, 7 and 9 to give you options for both mid and long irons. All four have shafts made of Ping’s ULT 200 premium graphite and a swing weight of C7. The 3W has a loft of 18 degrees, a length of 42.5 inches and a Lie of 56 degrees. The 9W has a loft of 30 degrees, a length of 41 inches and a Lie of 57.5 degrees.

The Faith irons available are 5H, 6H, 7, 8, 9, PW, UW and SW. Each one incorporates an improved MOI and with a wide sole you can achieve a better optimization on each swing. The 5H is 38.5 inches in length with a loft of 26 degrees, a Lie of 62 degrees, an offset of 0.15 inches and a swing weight of C5. The SW has a length of 34.75, a loft of 54 degrees, a Lie of 64.25 degrees, and offset of 0.13 inches, a bounce of 12 degrees and a swing weight of C8.

To ensure that you are playing the best game possible, practice is important. But of course it is very helpful to have a quality set of clubs such as the Ladies Ping Golf Clubs to ensure you have the best game ever.

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