About Ping Anser

If you don’t already know, Ping offers a number of quality clubs. One line, the Ping Anser, is one of these quality clubs. There is an Anser iron, putter, wedge, and driver available. Each club offers the quality and performance you expect from Ping.

Ping Anser Models

Each model is designed to enhance and improve your golfing skills. Each stylish model is created with the latest in technology and materials. Optimizing every aspect possible can only improve your golf game.


Irons – The Ping Anser iron is of a forged design with a finish of satin-chrome. Must have stabilizing bars and back Ping Anser Irons Logocavities that are machined provide ball flights that are predictable and solid. In addition, the Anser irons (1983 and later) all conform to the 2008 “Condition of Competition” groove regulations.

The irons available in the Anser line are the 3 through 9 and PW irons. Left and/or right handed players are able to fully make the most of any of these quality irons. The swing weight is D1 for all except for the PW which has a swing weight of D3. The loft begins at 21.00 degrees for the 3 iron and increases by 3 up until the 6 iron. Then the 7 iron has a loft of 33.50, the 8 iron a 37.50 loft, the 9 iron a 41.50 degree loft and the PW a 46 degree loft.

The shafts available for the Anser irons are the TFC 80I (offering a high launch angle), TFC800I (offering mid high and mid launch angles) and the PROJECT X (offering low launch angles). The grips you can choose from are the 360 ID8 (round grip) and the 360 ID8 Full Cord. Grip styles and sizes offered for a customized fit.

Ping Anser Putter LogoPutters – The Ping Anser Milled putter is considered the most complimented of all putter designs. With seven (7) new models (Anser, Anser 1, Anser 2, etc.), there is one for every stroke type and style preference. To make the new models even better, Ping’s concept “Fit for Stroke” is included in each putter.

Each putter is that of a conventional type of putter with a standard length of 35 inches. The head weight for each model is 345 grams and all are available for either left or right handed individuals. The stroke type for the Anser through the Anser 3 is a slight arc, the Anser 4 and 6 offer a strong arc while the Anser 5 offers a straight arc.

Wedges – The Ping Anser wedge is packed with modern technology. Forged from a unique steel which creates a feel Ping Anser Wedges Logothat is solid and strong and the wedge face includes grooves which lends to maximizing spin rotation of the golf ball. The toe weight is high-density tungsten which optimizes moment of inertia.

The Anser wedges available are: 50, 52, 54, 56, 58 and 60. The loft for each wedge begins at 50 degrees for the 50 and increases by two degrees for each wedge as you progress through the line. Each model is available for both the left and the right handed golfers.

The swing weights are D2 for the 50 and 52, D4 for the 54 and 56 wedge and D6 for the 58 ad 60 wedges. If you opt for a graphite shaft, the swing weights tend to be one (1) to two (2) points lighter than just noted. The offset for the 50 wedge is .03 inches, .02 inches for the 52 and 54, .01 inches for the 56 and 58 and finally .00 inches for the 60 wedge.

The specifications provided above are per the final Ping design for the Anser models. As with all golf clubs, there can be slight manufacturing variances even though quality and superiority is a must in each and every Ping club. Also, if the Ping Anser is one you have been considering then schedule yourself for a fitting to find the perfect Ping club for you!

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